Location:Tel Aviv, Israel

Availability: Incall
Age: 34

Height : 164

Shoe size: 40

Language: English & Russian.


I’m High Class Dominatrix – chic, classy and intelligent .
My native tongue is Russian, but also I speak fluent English and Hebrew.
Domination is my lifestyle and nothing thrills me more than to take you on a ride of the senses into my world of total control and submission.
Domination for me is my personality, my lifestyle and this is exactly who I am: Dominatrix – Lifestyle and professional for many years with my own uniqe style.
I will entice and seduce you, I will take you on a journey beyond belief to a fantasy world of Foot Fetish, Body Worship, Role Play, Bondage, BDSM & Fetish.
Once you have experienced my world, when you have seen my stunning beauty, when you have obeyed my voice and when you have felt my touch, you will know that I am the Dominatrix that you have been looking for.
I love being worshipped and pampered, I love it when you are simply there for me, to adore me and fulfill my whims and wishes. When I’m pleased and satisfied, I love to reward you for being my perfect worshipper.
My nature allows me to engage my sessions highly intuitive, my levels of intensity depend on your experience and needs, though I will always try to stretch and extend your limits, up to what you can handle, that is.
I assure you safe, sane, and consensual play without judgment and guaranteed full discretion.
I own a Fully Equipped Studio in Tell Aviv where we can perform our sessions ,or if you prefer to request for a domestic setting is also available ,both in my apartment.
I do offer sessions in my Studio .
Based in Tell Aviv for incall .


Welcome to the world of sensual domination and sensual humiliation.
I will gently but firmly guide you into submission.
Domination does not have to be all about whips and chains and yelling.
Domination can be very sensual, erotic, and intimate.
Humiliation can be very sensual as well, and arousing for both the sensual Dominatrix and the submissive.

I will use all of her womanly skills to capture you and entrance you into submission.

I’ll take control of you, to control you, to seduce you into doing the things you dream of doing.
You want to be aroused to the point that you’d submit to your sensual Mistress’s every desire.
That is the experience you will have with me.



One of the biggest advancements in the female domination lifestyle has been the invention of the strap-on dildo.
This activity has done more to liberate women than the whip or paddle ever did. Why? Because of the social and psychological implications of strap-on play. Now the woman is the one wielding the former symbol of male superiority. Now the woman is the one who is the giver while the male becomes the receiver.

Strap-on play is sex of the psyches. Why do women love it so?

That is a great and an important question. The rubber phallus strapped around the waist of a woman is an inanimate object. Thus, unless the woman purchases the type of harness that can stimulate her at the same time, she is feeling no physical pleasure during strap-on play. Yet, many women love doing it because of the mental stimulation and the mental pleasure that it provides for them. There is an incredible power exchange that takes place during this activity and the mental stimulation usually exceeds any rush that physical pleasure can provide. It makes for great sexual foreplay for the woman.

Women find this activity liberating for the social statement that it makes. Strap-on play strips the man of his masculinity and macho ways and usually causes the man to surrender his strength and his will over to his female aggressor. A woman can sense her man giving up resistance and she senses him melting into submission. This is an incredible power rush to the woman. Also, the effects of this activity usually last for some time. The man who submits to this activity has a hard time being macho around his dominant wife. He is usually meek and submissive to her outside of the bedroom after this activity.

Strap-on play is a power exchange and it has nothing to do with homosexuality or women wanting to be men. Quite the contrary, this activity is about the empowering of women as they unleash another level of their previously dormant power. A man being taken by another man is all about sex as it is primarily an activity for the sexual stimulation on the man who is the giver. Strap-on play between a woman and a man is about psychological sex as it is the mental stimulation that causes both parties to issue a power exchange.

The submissive man is feeling a combination of sexual stimulation, discomfort, and humiliation during strap-on play. He now knows that what he use to place so much worth on (namely his penis) is no longer a tool to conqueror women but now the tables have been turned and the female has stripped this symbol of masculinity from him and is now using it against him. The woman is telling the man that she is not impressed with the male penis and that she can buy one that is bigger to pleasure herself and she can even use it as a tool to enslave the male gender. Strap-on play is not so much about sex as it is about mental domination and a power exchange. What was once a symbol of man’s conquest of the female is now being used by the female to prove to the male her superiority.

You are being dominated by the women and you are submitting to this humiliating activity not for your pleasure but because of what it represents to her. By submitting to strap-on play, you are surrendering your will over to her and you are acknowledging her dominance and her supremacy in your marriage. So relax and submit to it. Allow this activity to transport you to subspace and you will find fulfillment on a higher plain than just the sexual realm.

Photo by Lior Nordman

Photo by Lior Nordman


I’ll help you with your transformation from male to female transforming you into a beautiful woman or bitch, under my control and guidance you will have the honour of dressing in my presence.
I’ll help your dreams come true by dressing you in your lingerie and selecting the colour of the clothing you would like to wear.
Then I’ll apply make up,the style and colour of wig to suit you ,nail polish and shoes added for the final touches.
At this point I’ll show you the correct posture and how to walk like a lady.
If you have any personal preferences please e mail me with your requirements.

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I loves the total control and power that bondage gives her, turning her slaves into a bound and helpless state, that you have no choice but to submit totally to her dominating.
I will adapt all play to meet with your requirements weather it be light or heavy above all I play safely,sainley and consensually.
I respect your limits but I love to expand your horizons and see how far I can take you.



The first thing that I tried in Bdsm world was Foot fetish experience – and it was amazing !!!

Since then I addicted to foot fetish of any kind, in love with my beautiful soft feets and love to see them worshiped, kissed and licked by another person.
And of course I love stockings, high heels and boots.

Photos by Lior Nordman

Photos by Lior Nordman


Some men get excited about being used as a woman’s toilet because to them it is the ultimate in servitude and the depths of submission.
There is nothing more humiliated than being reduced to a woman’s toilet.
There is nothing so degrading and humiliating.
To most submissive men, it is the moment right before the Brown shower that is the most exciting.
To have his Queen positioned over his body, perhaps seated on a potty chair or a Queening stool with the submissive bound below her, awaiting to be degraded.
It is that moment of anticipation that submissive men have confessed that they felt unbelievably submissive and as if they had indeed been conquered by their Queen.
Then as they felt the warmth of her urine against their body followed by the gooey and smelly mess of her brown shower, they knew there was no doubt that they could never be her equal.



Whatever your needs may be with mommys natural caring nature she will give you all the loving caring support and attention or discipline your inner childhood yearns for, helping you regress and discover that when in mommys care you will become confident and at ease in mind body and soul.
All mommys little ones love the care mommy gives them from morning to night,starting from breakfast in the morning to the bedtime story at night with a wide variety of activities throughout the day including feeding time, bath time, play time and as many nappy changes as you need, you will feel happy and content as every visit to mommy is varied and different with new things to look forward to on your next visit.

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