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  1. Daniel Hunter

    The black and white photo of you naked except in those stunning boots is AMAZING! I hope one day to be able to arrange a session with you Mistress. Thank you for putting these pictures up.

  2. Alex

    As no difficult to choose best from these amazing fotos my fav is the last of photographer Matt Christie ..though it will be nice to see more light in it but one thing make this shot my fav …your sight n eyes …

  3. wes

    Not a commonplace, but all of them are wonderful from my point of view, Possibly , the last one in b&w , you and your boots, makes clear the idea of supreme beauty that makes the word femdom meaning..

  4. Mario Prelz

    Givi Shani (I hope “traslaton” will be right) seems “BYM Peplay I made for you… I.M.Y.

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